Wednesday, May 27, 2009

it's such a perfect day

think i was a bit giddy tonight at the bbq because i have just two. days. left.
(at work)

but you know, i'm a very balanced individual. it's not like that's the only thing i've been thinking about.

jeremy has been the main guardian of our ipod (affectionately referred to as the i.p.) since we got it last year using target gift cards. i think because of this, i have yet to really bond with the most recent coldplay cd. buuuuut they released a live cd last week, and because we're back to sharing a car for a bit (or at least until my parking pass is done on friday), i've been listening to "strawberry swing" almost every time i'm in the car. and i like it.

we're moving this weekend. i can't wait. 'twill be so nice to have a bedroom and restroom on the same level. and ann told me that she's never seen a mouse at broadway village.

i feel like we're on the verge of something big. i mean, yes, obviously we are about to have some major life changes occurring.. but it's more than that, you know? tonight we went over to get some moving boxes from the worleys and talked to melissa and dustin from their back patio (meliss and daughstey live right above the worleys) and i got this wonderful summmmmmertiiiiiiime and the livin' is easy and suddenly we're going to have neighbors we can talk to and ahh i'm almost done working and oh man, life is going to be great feeling. all at once.

so i'm excited.
it's going to be good.

i'll let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a change would do me good

we hired the new manager today.
training is in a week - my last tuesday at the seed.

the babe has been moving so much at night. tonight s/he pressed on my belly button until it almost hurt! it's really really fun to look down and see a huge bulge moving from one side to the other. even more fun to put my hand on my belly to try and guess if it's an arm or a leg that i feel like i can almost hold.

so crazy.

we're going to kansas city this weekend. i love that it's tuesday and the weekend is my next thought, not what the rest of the work week holds. it will be so good to be with the linnemans for a sunday-monday. i can't wait to show them how much the babe (and his/her mom) has grown.

it's tuesday-friday at work.
i suppose some packing is in order somewhere in there as well.
saturday yard sale and the gaskin wedding.
sunday birthday celebration for my handsome husband (i'm hoping for flatbranch for the 3rd time this month).
monday move.
and beyond? i believe it's called nesting. and/or experiencing large amounts of change all at once and seeing how it goes.

ms. right sciatic is feeling much better, thank you.. once i realized that it may actually be something that sticks around for a while, i learned to deal a little better. birth is going to be nothin' after this. :)

hope all y'all are doing splendidly.

Monday, May 18, 2009

time out

it's monday!
annnnnd it's beautiful.

i am currently:
wearing a dress
admiring photos from spring 2009
thinking about a java chip frappuccino (but that's pretty constant)


p.s. i love this: "there is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy habitation of the Most High. God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns." psalm 46:4-5

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

lotta babes


the arrival


miss daisy may mcdonnell

born may 13, 2009
2:19 am
6 lbs 14 oz
19 inches

sweet second baby girl to proud parents
jeffrey charles & amy lynn mcdonnell

new lifelong playmate and friend to proud big sister
ally rose mcdonnell


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

just lately

hey summer, where ya been?

3 weeks, make that 2 weeks and 4 days, not counting the last saturday, left to go.
and then, is it summer?
it's non-employed jessie in the month of june so yes.. probably summer.

i'm a summer person; did i mention that, wedontneednopizza friends? it's true.

annnnnnyway.. i've been enjoying life, pre-summer life.

and today i lost my balance (center of gravity must be off or something.....) and successfully bumped into a journal/books shelf, sending books toppling over and a (luckily very light-weight) lamp onto my head.
and jeremy has a new job!
and i'm going to uprise tomorrow morn!
and this morning God gave me the most lovely realization about the state of mind in which i have been starting each of my mornings and how a change in that could change so much more.
and usually right around now each night, the babe stretches his/her appendages to make my belly visibly.. well, whatever word you would give to watching waves that are coming from under your skin.
and what's crazy is that the same little babe that's in there moving right now is going to be the one that joins the out of womb world come july.
and i can't wait!

off to stretch my right sciatic nerve. oh, baby.