Monday, February 25, 2008

things jeremy has said in the past week

i'm tough. i'm tough and i'm rugged. don't mess with me.

(following one of my breakthroughs)
you have issues. deep issues. with roots like an oak tree.

(regarding j.crewcuts)
man, babies and kids... i wouldn't pay $500 for them, much less to dress them. i've seen rewards for less than that.

(regarding him showing up alone to a double date)
oh, jessie couldn't be here; she's hanging out with megan. so how are you guys? man, it feels so good to be out of the house - i don't get out much these days. yeah, after college things just went downhill...

(regarding my reading of mrs. mike aloud)
oak tree.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

for a price

about a month ago, i experienced a display of poor customer service at the words of a manager of the columbia mall gap. so i wrote a letter. it was invigorating - i released and maybe exaggerated every bit of offense this woman caused me in a word for word account to both the corporate gap customer service department and the store itself.

and they wrote back. i received a letter from gap inc. including a formal documentation of this particular employee's behavior, a sincere apology, and a $20 gift card to the gap of my choice.

which got me thinking... exactly how much should gap owe me for my emotional injury? my first reaction was something like "if they think $20 is gonna get me back in that store, they've got another letter coming.." but it's $20. to gap. come on. is returning to the mall with 20 gap bucks after 3 experiences with the same horrific manager, one in which i was indirectly referred to as larger than "fluffy," selling out?

if that isn't, what about selling out in a greater sense, selling out in a way that could potentially change the course of one's life? am i or could i potentially be a sell out?

how much would mcdonald's have to pay me to make a mclatte? what about $12 an hour? with benefits?

and what's wrong with frappuccinos anyway? why can't i go into a starbucks and with a clear conscience just order the creamy caffeinated somewhat chunky goodness of a java chip frappuccino? oh.. i work at the artisan. right.

but the office is so much cheaper at wal-mart. and we need butter. wait, why don't i shop at wal-mart again?

and did rascall flatts buy my affections because they're sort of country sort of pop and maybe not genuinely either? and while we're talking music, i guess i could burn you the wicked soundtrack, i mean, i bought tickets to the show so they have enough of my money, right?

on tuesday i received a call from ada, the general manager of gap #916. she sincerely apologized for the behavior of the manager with the attitude, shared my sympathies over her choice of words, and informed me that her last day will be march 3. she actually thanked me for writing the letter, explaining that she needed a tangible reason to let this person go and my letter was it. then she apologetically stated that she'd be sending me a $50 gift card and hoped i'd come in after march 3 to see their new spring arrivals.

so maybe i wouldn't sell out for $20. but $70?