Saturday, July 25, 2009

my birth story includes father of the bride part II

it's true.

two and a half weeks from the day baby joseph was born, i am very much wanting to record every detail of his arrival. i'm working on a new blog - i suppose linking it here is unveiling it, huh? i think i'll post the birth story there as it's pretty essential to the new stage of life i'm in.

jeremy is making egg sandwiches for lunch.
after somewhat of a tough night with the little guy, actually just a tough morning i suppose (little jbl was constipated and making grunts that are surprisingly loud considering his size 6 from until around 10 am), my sweet husband took our babe and read aloud from the word to him while i slept.
i awoke around 10 to jeremy and babe both in different shirts (i guess joseph figured things out on himself and his dad) and enjoyed a morning of cereal, a banana, psalm 107, and coffee with 2% milk and sugar in my favorite teal mug with japanese flowers while from the desk area i heard jeremy and joseph discussing missions in south korea: "hey, are you falling asleep? i know this is a lot for you to be hearing.. i know it's hard to hear about all of this, but we gotta fight for these people.."
the egg sandwiches smell really good.
joseph is swaddled and sleeping off the morning's stress.

i really like this day.

Monday, July 20, 2009

joseph bourne linneman

the babe is here.

joseph bourne linneman.

and here's a picture of grandma wolf for good measure:

Monday, July 6, 2009

aren't more babes supposed to be born when there's a full moon?
oh, i hope... :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

c is for cookie (that's good enough for me)

june 19th? (last post)
how long ago was that?? (oh, 13 days to be exact; subject to change for exact time of posting)

since we've (or i guess i've) last spoken, i have:
a. changed my expected babe entering the outside womb world date from july 1st to july 4th and maybe july 14th just so the babe knows that he/she can come whenever he's/she's ready (it's just that i don't want him/her to feel any pressure - it's going to be a pretty big change for the little guy/girl, and i know how i feel about change.)
b. perhaps exhausted my limeade addiction (i've had the last of a jug sitting in the fridge for a couple of days)
c. joined twitter (
d. begun reading the power of one (verrrry good)
e. baked chocolate chip cookies (also verrrry good)
f. set up a vibrantly colored nursery with the help of grandma dawn and grandpa terry (my family used last names for grandparents - like grandma mcdonnell, who is actually now known by a few of us as grandma bill - but i think i like first names better.. you?)
g. walked a lot (it's what you do when you're secretly and publicly via facebook status wanting to have a fourth of july babe)
h. continued to wash and dry away any evidence of dirty laundry in the linneman home (and also continued to delay folding said laundry)
i. decided on a hot dog with ketchup and mustard for fourth of july (it's my favorite holiday mostly for the hot dog supply and the fireworks and the beautiful ahhh.. summer feelings that abound on the fourth) (oh, and because i love the USA)
j. read the power of one at the pool (and mistaken a little girl asking if i was sunburned as asking if i had sideburns.. no, i do not.)
k. attempted and enjoyed more of desiring God (and actually recalled truths gained from slower reading and translated them into my own words through real life situations)
l. yep, have consumed another java chip frappuccino (and not a lite one. mmm.)
m. realized that i will have a child exactly (if not before) one year from the date i began the position as executive director of mustard seed
n. thoroughly enjoyed hearing about megan's (what's wrong with you why aren't you dating anyone you need to get into online dating influenced) st. charles life by sporadic phone conversation
o. experienced a significant downward shift in belly height (where did space below my ribs come from?)
p. decided to continue this through the entire alphabet even though i don't know exactly what else has occurred that is letter-worthy (how old-school xanga does this list feel?)
q. really really enjoyed hearing jeremy's thoughts on applebee's (ask him)
r. eaten falafel on the outdoor deck of international cafe with sister bear (originally tasted falafel with sister bear in athens, greece.. and i think decided on a 2 1/2 month engagement in the same meal)
s. been a little afraid of the whole giving birth thing (just a little)
t. continued to play phone tag with jamie about to get married pizzle pestien about to become fisher (july 10 in colorado!)
u. ur2sweet2b4gotten
v. spent an entire afternoon with kate (fun fact: kate was my sister's randomly assigned freshman roommate and is now close to being if not in fact my sister)
w. called my parents more regularly (and received calls from them more regularly)
x. dreamt about lakota coffee house (i don't know)
y. made my bed everyday (usually right when i wake up.. but today it's still yet to be made)
z. admitted that yes, my life at this point is in fact completely wrapped up in expecting a baby any day now (and i'm reallllly excited about that!)