Thursday, August 21, 2008


i can read all of my posts on this in one page.
where did all the words go?

i have about 8 minutes until i start my workday. 8-5, lunch/talk on the phone so rushed lunch eating for 1 hour, end the day trying to end thinking about the day. working from home has been tough but it's going to get better when i'm at the store and not the kitchen table.

funny that this is what i first think to write when all of the time i've been off work i've been avoiding talking about work. but here it is, the first thing i mention in my 8 minutes of writing.

i found an antique fan at itchy's stop & scratch flea market. i love it. it doesn't really work for very long but if i plug it in and spin the blades a bit, it will work for a while.

God has surpised me in a very sweet way this week - i stood only a week ago at the kitchen sink, which is red, by the way, and wondered if i have friends, if i am a friend to anyone, if i even know how to be a friend, much less a good friend. and then he just threw all these friends at me at once. thanks.

7:56.. 7:57..

i'm learning. growing. typing about it all...

happy thursday.