Sunday, September 13, 2009

i have some other posts i'm working on but i'm just being too much of a perfectionist to publish them just yet. one is on personal branding and my over-developed thoughts on how we portray/define/brand ourselves in this age. the other is on coffee and how addicted i've become to it. but i draw in references to a tree grows in brooklyn so, i mean, it's not just about coffee.

in other news,

we had some friends over for dinner tonight. thai chicken pizza. two of the friends were my sisters, who happen to be friends as well. the others were dustin and ben. i heard once that dustin's first words when he met ben were "what in the world?" which seems appropriate. these four fine folks are some of our best friends and also huge supporters of jeremy's work with karis. so we made them some pizza and hung out around the kitchen table. it was really fun.

we have purchased a hearty supply of cloth diapers and will begin that adventure when they are delivered this week. gulp. :) no, it will be good, for sure. and a lot less money/landfill space in the long run. i've been meaning to order the diapers for weeks now, and we finally sat down and picked out all of the colors and quantities and shipping preferences and such on saturday. it's pretty hilarious to make a purchase of this sort and at the end of the whole purchasing process realize that the end result is that we now have cloth contraptions with which to catch and contain joseph's poop. you know? i guess it has to happen somehow so it might as well be adorable versatile invincible bumgenius diapers.

i can always tell when i haven't had enough jessie-time when painting my nails seems like a really big deal. except i guess it always does. and sometimes i expect people to notice the ever-so-light pink shade that now graces my fingertips as if it's a really big deal. similarly, i trimmed my bangs on saturday, just about an inch or so, and expected somebody to say something until i realized that i have side bangs and they are always behind my ear. but seriously, i almost said "guess what? i trimmed my bangs.." to amy and kate when i met up with them that morning. but i didn't.

i did, however, tell jeremy about trimming my bangs. poor guy. i think i'm going to make the tagline for this blog "where my words go when jeremy has used all of his." lots of my posts are actually thoughts that i begin to develop during dinner conversation with my sweet husband and then, to his knowledge, complete within the confines of that conversation. except then i end up with these unpublished posts that are the remaining thoughts that go beyond the socially acceptable length of "so i was thinking.." talk that i actually have on the subject we've only partly discussed.


i think i'm going to start reading sports illustrated as an investment into knowing my husband better. and because i just found out last night that michael jordan, although appearing in space jam as what one would describe as "a nice dad," is in fact quite arrogant. i've thought for the past 15 or so years that he was a genuinely nice guy who impressively has not let being the best basketball player in the world go to his head. oops.