Thursday, March 26, 2009

oh, wow.

note regarding above link: please disregard profanity and use of the Lord's name in vain. this article had me silently and at times audibly laughing throughout its entirety.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

spring/lunch break

i feel so accomplished.

it seems my time is a lot more productive when i make a list. and today, strangely, my accomplishments thus far weren't even on the list. maybe the action of making a list is enough in itself to motivate me and the things i need to do just happen and somehow it's 12:57 and all of the worthless packing materials are purged and the worthwhile are organized and my brain is that much clearer.

oh, and it's spring break in columbia meaning i have also been motivated to take the liberty of playing the (gasp) taylor swift pandora station. yes, it looks like rascal flatts is in fact mustard seed friendly this week. but probably not next week. sometimes store music just gets so old, you know?

also, i just witnessed a granddaughter-grandmother shopping trip. visions of dawn and our little girl/boy walking in and out of little stores. although i don't actually think that baby daddy would be big on a grandma-grandson shopping trip.

when we were driving home from kansas city, i was looking at a march of dimes brochure that had a picture of a little girl around 3 years old with glasses. jeremy asked me if our daughter had to get glasses, if i would get her trendy dark rimmed glasses and a pair for myself to match just so she wouldn't feel so self-conscious about them. i think i would. and that thought makes me so stinking excited. i mean, not that i am super pumped about the possibility that our kids could have vision problems (might i add that my vision is actually perfect.. it's true), but i guess it's more of the role a mom would play in a situation like that.

so anyway, back to work. lunch is over. happy wednesday!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the new babe

baby ian thomas has arrived.

some reminiscing in an attempt to understand the babe inside of ann that is now outside of her:

it was this summer when ann announced that she was pregnant. finn was yet to be born and the three of us were sitting on jessica's couches. i remember ann seeming really happy but in a very detached state of reality about the babe now rapidly developing inside. jess was super super excited, having done a bit of the pregnancy thing herself, and i was doing this thing where my voice gets kind of high-pitched in hopes of conveying exactly just how happy i am and at the same time i know i was hoping that soon i'd be sharing similar news with them.

and then ann grew. and she had to work while growing and wanted to be done and we counted down days until she'd finally clock out and we walked and talked pregnancy nutrition and showered her nesting-style and talked through parenting techniques and practiced pre-natal yoga and gave into shakespeare's cravings (for the babes) at the mustard seed front desk and he grew and she grew.

this past friday ann, jess, and i shared coffee and the ever-amaaazing sausage biscuits we love at uprise, and knew i should have brought a camera to capture something from that day, but then again, when do i bring my camera and how to take a picture of the last time i thought i'd see ann pregnant and jess with finn and me and the babe all at the same time anyway?

and now he's here! he's here and they can hold him and they're at home. it's taking lots and lots of willpower not to drive over there. not now (i mean, it's 10:07, babies gotta sleep) and of course we'll wait until a drop-by is suggested, but oh, to see baby ian and proud mom & dad daugherty. sigh. can't wait!

good thing we're making dinner on mondayyyy :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

cats choose you

i took a walk this morning and saw a playful cat jumping at something in a yard as i walked by. i had the thought that i would probably want a cat like that, if i were to ever have a cat. a while ago somebody told me that when a person goes to adopt/purchase a cat, the surest way to get one you'll like is to let it choose you. i almost feel that this is reason enough for me to never get a cat, but maybe it's just some hidden insecurity that no cat would ever choose me. or that the cat that would choose me would be a loser cat. the thing is, i have been chosen by cats. it's just usually as the target of angry cat aggression.

jeremy's sister, sarah, has a cat named frances. even from the time that frances was a helpless little kitten, she chose me as the family member that she was going to swat at from under the bed while cuddling up next to everyone else. maybe she could tell that i'm not original linneman blood. last year at Christmas, i was in our room at the linneman's house in kc and was getting ready for bed. i had brushed my teeth, washed my face (okay, i probably hadn't washed my face because i actually don't really wash my face every night - is that weird?), or not washed my face, put on pajamas, and was walking toward the bed when frances struck. she had been in this room with me for nearly 20 minutes, just waiting under the bed for me to approach it so that she could attack.

i've also been chosen by a stray cat that likes to sit on our front porch and move at the absolute last second before i put my foot on the first step. then the little terror doesn't even run away but merely sits in the bushes right next to the front porch until it can reassume its position in front of my house when i've gone inside. i've had to dodge it multiple times for trips in and out of the house unloading groceries.

in addition, multiple cats from various stages in my life have nearly attacked me much to the delight and surprise of their owners who usually just laugh it off and say how she allllways jumps from one couch to the other and lands right behind your head, and even though it looked like she was coming right for me, she just wanted to be in the sun.

i was talking to a volunteer this morning about the mice problem we have in our sweet little cottage and an eavesdropping customer suggested i get a cat. strangely, i somehow withheld all that i have just shared with you about my relationships with cats, which is very odd because i had been consciously thinking about cats pretty much all morning. she said that the smell of cats is enough to keep mice away. she said it was the most natural way. we had an exterminator come yesterday and put out traps with poison that will make the mice crazy and cause them to run out of the house and die outdoors rather than in our walls. that probably would have offended her so i kept that to myself as well.

i don't even like cats. why did i just write about cats? who likes cats, anyway?

Thursday, March 12, 2009


i woke up this morning with "the voice of truth" by casting crowns in my head. a bit out of nowhere but wonderfully appropriate. besides the killer rock-out "the stone was just the right size to put the giant on the grounnnndd" part that i always have to turn down for fear of somebody outside the car/house hearing it and besides the fact that i actually haven't listened to it since i drove an explorer, the lyrics stick with me:

but the voice of truth tells me a different story
the voice of truth says do not be afraid
the voice of truth says this is for my glory
out of all the voices calling out to me
i will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth

okay, so maybe it's cheesy, whatev. last night at community group, we discussed having a son/daughter view versus an orphan view of ourselves in terms of God. of many significant statements, one that remains on my mind is that if we imagine the Lord's face as anything less than overjoyed when He thinks about us, we have fallen into a performance mindset. i think i very often imagine God having a kind of, well, just an "eh" kind of face or an almost scolding "what are you going to do to make that better?" face when He thinks of me. but overjoyed? rejoicing over me with singing? you mean i don't have to approach Him every morning hoping that what i have to say that day will be approved?

this morning i finished reading hebrews. 13:8 reads "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." this is one of those sentences in the bible that i would typically (and sadly) tend to ignore, fearing that quoting it would come across as too cross-stichy, if you can picture with me these words framed on a wall. but this morning the words were deeply comforting. i realized that the reason i imagine God's face as "eh" is because i think He changes how He sees me every morning. but if my relationship with God is based upon my salvation in Christ, and He's the same yesterday, today, and all days in both directions, God can't see me as anything but His completely loved and completely accepted daughter. and i can/should/need to believe that over my early-morning-fatigue-becomes-anxiety. the voice of truth. wonderfully, there is infinitely more to discover about God and i'm just getting my little taste of it for the day. i'll let you know what else i find out.

sarah and dan's wedding is this weekend. i was at target last monday and decided to buy their present early. i bought them a shower curtain off the registry. i was very proud of myself for making this purchase before the day before the wedding, so i told sarah how excited i was to have the present already. and she replied "if it's anything like the shower gifts, i'm excited!" what's funny is that it is absolutely nothing like the shower gifts which were unique, fair trade items from the store in which i spend 40 hours a week. instead it was a shower curtain, which, i mean, is that still like a shower gift simply by being a gift for use in the shower? i have since decided that i do not want to give her this shower curtain and will instead give her something from the seed that is unique, fair trade, etc., but i can't help but love the irony of "no, it's not like the shower gifts, it is a shower gift."

also, today is the four year anniversary of jeremy and my first date. it was march 12, 2005 and we spent 14 hours together. i'll tell you about it sometime. oh, love. :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009


we're back!
annnd burnt.. some of us worse than others.

i, having grown up a mcdonnell and granddaughter of the legendary grandma wolf, who spent 3 months every winter of my childhood in hawaii and i'm pretty sure has never used an ounce of sunscreen in her life but did at one point in my early years suggest some that contained paba, which i think was found to damage dna or something, actually wanted to get burnt so that it wouldn't fade too much before sarah's wedding this weekend. jeremy, however, did not grow up under this influence and i dare say that his skin having not been exposed to summers of repeated innsbrook scorching, felt the burn. friday night was quite a sight as his poor bright red and hot to the touch back turned cool wet washcloths into uncomfortably warm wet washcloths and soaked up aloe vera gel by the glob. i think it's getting better now, but a car ride with no air conditioner probably didn't help. the babe is tan now too.. is that bad? i haven't yet googled "pregnancy and sunburn"..

all in all, vacation was lovely. highlights from our travels include but are not limited to:
- a round trip on only 4 tanks of gas - thank you, wonderful honda accord.
- a room upgrade landing us in a beautiful 9th story pool-view/beach-view room with a balcony
- a mini-fridge in aforementioned amazing hotel room allowing snickers ice cream bars and ben & jerry's
- publix (yeah, i'll link to a grocery store chain), quite possibly the best grocery shopping experience of my life and the greatest generic branding i've ever seen
- awaking to natural light every morn around 7
- an early-morning beach stroll on one such morn followed by breakfast at waffle house followed by a 3-hour nap followed by laying out by the pool. yep.
- fresh catch-of-the-day dinner (or at least fresher than what we'd find in mid-mo) at the gulf shores steamer
- jellyfish! big jellyfish washed up on the beach!
- fool's gold starring matthew mcconaughey & kate hudson (please watch this movie if you get a chance)
- my travel (and life) companion, jeremy s. linneman, in all his vacation-mode glory encouraging 16+ hours of roadtrip conversational bonding (although at one point, after what seemed quite a lengthy conversation, i did resign not to speak but read for a while out of respect for the fact that his simply being in the driver's seat did not mean that i should necessarily use all 10,000 of my daily words before we made it home)
- taking a left out of our resort in search of a nice restaurant and ending up at a sonic 30 minutes away eating a chili-cheese hot dog in a dress
- discovering that perdido beach resort may actually be an old people resort as evidenced by nightly piano players pounding out showtunes on the lobby baby grand surrounded by sweet swing dancing elderlies

and many more highlights that made our pre-babe (although of course the babe was with us and not very happy that the mizzou-oklahoma game was not on espn) vacation very relaxing, refreshing, and rejuvenating.

and upon arriving home late last evening, we discovered upwards of 30 ladybugs/african beetles/terrors needing to be smashed on our bedroom window. and on our pillows. but such is life.

Monday, March 2, 2009

vacation mode

i tried to make chocolate chip pancakes this morning (and somehow before that point in the morning had already snuck a few kc masterpiece bbq chips.. oops) but they didn't work out so well. i didn't have any chocolate chips, just some divine chocolate that i solidified from fondue a couple of weeks ago which i attempted to chop into chip-sized chunks but it mostly just turned into shavings. and since i didn't think of the chocolatizing of the pancakes until two were already made, i have two normal pancakes and one super chocolaty pancake that tastes good but is not very pretty.

we were out of milk or it would have been grape nuts trail mix.

but anyway.

our next-door neighbor came over this morning and in addition to discovering a linneman secret that only a few people have experienced, which is that when we watch movies, we move our futon to the middle of our family room until it's right in front of the television, requested that one of us go over to his house for the next 30 minutes and watch his 3 month old twins sleep. yes please. sleeping babies are about the most calming thing i can think of so i was over there a couple of minutes later staring at a precious set of babes and wondering how it would feel to know there is not only one full human inside of you but two.

i've realized that by the end of the work-week i require a significant amount of winding down. not having this required time until sunday evening, i found myself antsy and somewhat cranky (although i'm sure i don't have the ability to be actually cranky) until i fell asleep on the futon and more or less pressed the jessie-reset button. i think i'll store that in my parental wisdom bank so that in a few years when our son or daughter doesn't know what to do with themselves, i'll just leave them on the couch until they fall asleep and feel better.

which brings me to the vacation mode of this morning. it's monday, which means the store is closed and i am at home, but it's a special monday because tomorrow we leave for gulf shores, alabama. our pre-babe vacation of fun in the sun. today is a day for productivity as i am needing to purchase some snacks and non-perishable food items for the trip, get my bridesmaid dress altered, and deposit my paycheck at the bank. being in vacation mode puts a fun spin on what would normally be a dreadful plan of going to gerbes, having some person tack my dress in where it will need to be and figure out how to fit it over the growing babe bump, and spending any amount of time in usbank. but it's vacation!

consider this my attempt to blog more regularly although reporting of today's events thus far may have been better off not posted..

lots of love.