Friday, June 19, 2009


ironic: i set out to find the closest mailbox (extend-a-chute mailbox that is.. have we talked about extend-a-chutes?) to our new home in hopes of getting an earlier start to our stack of support letters and thank you cards only to discover i was three minutes past the 3:30 pick-up of the closest non-post office mailbox. so i drove the extra five minutes to the downtown post office and on my way back passed the other mailbox, the one minute from home mailbox, being emptied at 3:45 by the mailperson. sigh.

idea: i think we're going to have turkey sandwiches or wraps with potato wedges for dinner tonight. i. love. potato. wedges. and the mounds of ketchup that go along with them. i'm going to preheat the oven right now.

kind of weird: on my way back into the apartment, i noticed one of our neighbors sunbathing on their balcony. this wouldn't be that weird except that the pool is approximately 50 feet away. seriously. how hot would you be sunbathing on concrete in this horrible heat? and what would convince you that moving your sunbathing location to the pool where you will have both a sunbathing chair and large amount of cool refreshing water at once, both things that are not provided on your balcony, would be too much effort?

other thought: i think i've started waddling.
correction: i think i've started noticing that i walk with a slight waddle to my step. i'm sure this waddling has been happening for some time. it's probably good that i have just now noticed it.

assignment for the day: we/i really need to make a decision regarding our babe's future car and other transportation. as in, if i go into labor tonight, we're technically not allowed to take the little guy/gal home from the hospital because we are still without a car seat. or stroller. or travel system. that's where i'm stuck - do i want a travel system? when will i use a travel system? what will life with a babe look like? and that's where i am.. i can't make a decision on a car seat because i don't know what babe life looks like. i mean, i have an idea, but really, how can you really know?

oi: these potato wedges are going to be amazing. and i haven't even started making them yet. i just know.

accomplishment: i walked for 2 hours today!

question: do you prefer to spell out numbers or use the numerical symbols for them? ur2sweet2b4gotten.

i have to go: either wedge potatoes or research car seats. both equally enjoyable but one ends up with TONS of ketchup.

Monday, June 15, 2009


i think i'm going to read.

Friday, June 12, 2009

... i waaant that

i think that title is from napoleon dynamite. still not sure how i feel about quoting it.

buuuuuut, i really really want this..

for the babe. and maybe me? matching mom and babe shirts? of course, if the babe is a boy, we can update this to a masculine type bird shirt. not that bird shirts aren't gender neutral. i mean, they can be. but jeremy has expressed some pretty strong feelings regarding a son of his in a shirt like this. which is understandable. i mean, those are ruffly sleeves. totally girly.

new addition to the linneman household: snoring. oops. jeremy made his way to the couch halfway through last night. i'm wondering if it was actually the snoring that did it.. or the oversized body pillow decked out in a pretty cute bird body pillow cover that has now joined us for the remaining nights of pregnant sleep ahead. i suppose the pillow does automatically make his half of the bed a new one-third or maybe even one-fourth of the bed. oi.

meal planning and unpacking and swimming ahead.. oh my!

happy friday, friends!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


"how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives."
- annie dillard

it's day two of week two of stay-at-home wife/soon-to-be mom life. and with day two comes this realization: if i envision and desire my life to be of a certain richness and fullness, what i do each day will directly affect how closely my life resembles that vision. or, if i don't want my life to be 75% checking email/silly pursuit of pleasure in ultimately unsatisfying activities and 25% human interaction/reading/walking/what i actually want to do, an individual day shouldn't look that way. i must add that i don't really like the word pleasure but used it because i'm talking about more than happiness, excitement, stimulation.. more the seeking of joy and deep well-being. does that make sense?

i'm going to make my mom a cd and send it in the mail to her.
i'm going to call jamie whose voice i haven't heard since sarah's wedding 3 months ago.
i'm going to read the books that i have wanted to read for years.

more importantly, i'm going to structure my days in a way that truly reflects the way i want my life to be structured.

last week at our weekly community group, i shared that i sense in this stage of pre-babe post-work life an anticipation for what God will do with this time. this morning i realized that there are certain ways for me to willingly crush/shmoosh/snuff this feeling of anticipation, namely allowing worry and anxiety to creep into my thoughts and pretending that compulsively seeking satisfaction in less-than satisfying pursuits is in fact satisfying. and/or floating through a day that had potential in a way that makes it lifeless.

i'm praying that i would discover this other better no-limits-hold-em (wait, that's poker) way to go about each day. and i don't think it necessarily involves facebook. at least not more than once a day. but that's more of an in-practice guideline rather than larger philosophy guideline.. which is what i'm talking about - the little things that make up the big thing! so the amount of facebook time does in fact matter. it matters a lot. and i want to consider that and remember that and decide based on that.

in desiring God (which i am finallllly going to read), john piper quotes c.s. lewis in his sermon, the weight of glory:
"indeed, if we consider the unblushing promises of reward and the staggering nature of the rewards promised in the gospels, it would seem that our Lord finds our desires not too strong, but too week. we are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. we are far too easily pleased."

i deeply desire to discover and mean to find out what this means in my day-to-day and larger life. i can't really at this point even give you a summary of what i think i'm going to find. i'll just have to let you know.

also, i realized today that in a very short time, our lives are going to be filled with baby things, becoming toddler things, becoming kid things, etc. our shower now contains our shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and face wash. it will soon have bath toys. we will soon have kid-friendly toothpaste. we will soon have a baby. very soon.

i'm so excited.


Saturday, June 6, 2009


baby linneman's handmade bird mobile and quilt
my wedding ring
farmers market flowers in a lemonade pitcher
the new baby smell
bomb pops

Friday, June 5, 2009

home sweet homes homey homeslice home

so.. we've [finally almost completely] moved!

we still have some lingering ew-why-did-we-ever-let-this-into-our-house-in-the-first-place items in the old gingerbread house, but other than that, we're officially into our new home. and by officially into, i really mean oi, there's a lot to unpack and i hope that i can get it unpacked in the next couple of weeks before we add another human to this new home.

i really really like our new place. i really really like the white walls. i really really really like that i am pretty sure there are zero, count 'em, zero living creatures for us to meet. i really really stillllll like our shower curtain! annnnnnd we got our washer and dryer back! sigh. laundry. in a good, no need to go down to the scary basement to wash it in the 1970s washer and dryer way. :)

since ending my quest to spread awareness of fair trade with the world, i have acquired 40 open hours a week! i have filled these hours with walks at the park, glasses of simply limeade, time transcribing thoughts and prayers by v5 into my journal, newfound knowledge of God through 2 samuel and psalms, coffee in my lovely aqua with flowers mug, a sparkling clean bathroom and kitchen at the old homestead, and a tan on only the front half of me. today i'll add a viewing of up in 3d to the mix!

anyway, how are you?