Sunday, December 7, 2008



i. am. pregnant. [with child] [craving shakespeare's quite constantly] [averaging 10-12 hours of sleep a night] and pregnant.

oh, junior. or junebug. love. :)

annnnnnd.. i love these shoes. a lot. they're for babes.

in other news, i am very seriously considering the release of a jessie christmas mix version 3.0. i know i have promised this in years past and not followed through, but i think i can make it happen this year. plus, a few years ago, my friend/brother-in-law, dustin, made me about 35 color "it's a mcdonnell christmas" cd covers with a hand-drawn picture of 37 cambrian way. you can't let things like that sit in a kinko's envelope forever.

also, i have been reading through the book of john. i have been daily amazed by Jesus' words of how we are not of this world. i guess i kind of thought that it wasn't that big of a deal to be of this world, but have been testing this to see what my life looks like to live as if i'm not.

last night i had the beautiful opportunity to watch you've got mail. even knowing the end of this movie, i still just love when brinkley runs ahead and joe fox walks around the corner to find shopgirl with her too cute hair waiting for him in her dress and cardigan. tears. and i think that watching a movie might be the healthiest way to end a week of work. i can tell because it so energized me that i was still very much awake blasting "just wanna be with you" from cough-hsm3-cough when jeremy got home around 10:30. bedtime's been around 9-9:30 these days so that was big.

i'm off to plan a christmas present/presentation. step into christmas; the admission is free.