Friday, January 30, 2009

so anyway

i enjoyed cinnamon blueberry muffins and coffee with jess and finn this morning. as i was driving to work (interestingly enough, i was earlier to work than most days even with a morning hang out) i drove straight down university avenue with college students on both sides of the street. although i wish this drive would have taken place on tuesday (or is it wednesday?) so i could have passed my favorite addsheet woman (tell me.. why two d's?), i couldn't help but think about life in 2009 and life before 2009. my life is pretty funny if i think about it. and i do think about it. i guess changed is a better word than funny. i mean, it's not really that funny.

since 2006, i have married jeremy s. linneman and inherited a last name and a 4runner (which strangely no longer has its distinctive snowman dent on the front bumper). i have worked as a barista, teacher, and store manager. i have lived in country club apartments and in a gingerbread house. i have become a godmother, aunt, and former favorite of ally rose mcdonnell. i have made cheeseless thai chicken pizza and french toast in mass quantities. i have painted my nails about4 times total. i have travelled (do you spell travelled with 2 l's? because i do) to chicago and uganda. oh, and turks & caicos. i have purchased pink shoes. i have joined a church. i have begun to drink coffee. i have seen friendships change.

i don't turn in assignments anymore.
there's a guy with long white hair peering in at our window display.
i've started looking pregnant.
(those three things are not necessarily related rather the order in which i thought about them)

so i don't know.
i don't have a profound conclusion. i was just noticing how different my life is from what it was like when i would wait for the light at the intersection of college and university and go to class and you know, all of that stuff that used to happen. and now i'm in a store. it's 10:22 and yesterday we did $3.25 in sales, $3.50 if you count tax, which you shouldn't because i have to send in a check for tax. and sales tax is different than income tax.

i'm really happy with what life looks like today.
baby finn standing on my legs and putting his fists out. his arms are so short that his hands won't touch above his head. or maybe it's that his head is big?

the phone just rang. nobody there. and then a j-student came in and took my picture. and for three of them i didn't smile. what? sometimes i don't want to. it's just for a project anyway.

okay, i have to go to work now.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

mommy ponderings

it's funny to work in a store and be around people who are shopping 40 hours a week and then find myself on saturday night and off for the next 60 hours and not needing to be in a store until tuesday and all i keep thinking about how i want to go shopping. alone. on monday. maybe sunday. we'll see.

and i want to have lunch with my mom. for Christmas, i gave her my favorite thing in the whole store. i kind of feel like a little kid - i'm not sure if you'll like this but it's my favorite thing so the most love i can possibly show you is in me giving it to you. they're these two little owls, officially "treetop buhitos." they're already on my mom's windowsill in st. charles.

but i want to have lunch with her in addition to giving her the owls. i see all these mom and daughter duos shopping all the time and having a wonderful time together and i get a bit, well, nostalgic for the shopping trips that we used to have. the first one that comes to mind was back in fourth grade when i had to stay home from school for two days because i had poison sumac all over my face and i just couldn't face my fellow students in that condition. my mom took me to t.j. maxx and bought me this cute red, white, and blue patchwork jacket. i can remember trying on all of these outfits with her and forgetting that my face was huge and scary until i looked in the mirror and saw myself. there's gotta be a life lesson in that story somewhere.

perhaps i will attempt to quench the lunch with mommy and shopping desires in one trip to the preferred outlets of warrenton, missouri. imo's pizza and gap outlet.. mmm-hmm.

i've heard that pregnant women can get super attached to their moms during this stage of pregnancy. i've also heard that wacky dreams are plentiful, and my dream last night of having not one baby but three was pretty wacky. although a couple of weeks ago i had a dream that barack obama gave a speech in my parents' backyard. that was pretty weird.

in other news, i guess my new year's resolution was pretty newsworthy.. ?

happy 2009!